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                    Legal opinion on Directors’ Duties and Climate Risks

                    The centrepiece of this work was a ground-breaking legal opinion on directors’ duties and climate risk commissioned by CPD in partnership with the Future Business Council. The opinion found that company directors who ignore or mismanage climate-related risks could be held personally liable for breaching their legal duties under the Corporations Act.

                    Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration (ADFM)

                    Established in August 2015, the Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration (ADFM) is a ‘second track’ process pursuing more effective, durable and dignified approaches to forced migration in the Asia-Pacific. It has fast become a leading expert group on issues of forced migration in the region, trusted by the Bali Process and ASEAN for independent and credible advice.

                    Cities and Settlement Initiative

                    In 2018 CPD launched our Cities and Settlement Initiative – a three-year program that aims to improve the economic participation of refugees in Australia. Below we chart the background, current evidence, the three pillars of the initiative, and our current work program. For more information, please contact CPD Senior Project Manager, Lisa Button.


                    John Menadue Oration 2018 by Mariana Mazzucato | 11 December Sydney

                    Professor Mariana Mazzucato delivered CPD’s second annual John Menadue Oration on 11 December 2018 in Sydney.

                    John Menadue Oration 2017 by Marty Natalegawa | 2 November Melbourne

                    Thanks to all of you who made it to CPD's inaugural John Menadue Oration on November 2 in Melbourne. For all of you who missed it, there is an audio recording of the full oration.


                    24 October 2017
                    “CPD is doing important work to position Australia for the long term. They have a clever model and an exciting team. I’m honoured to join their Board”
                    Sam Mostyn
                    Non-Executive Director & CPD Board Member
                    24 August 2017
                    "Policy institutes can convince governments and businesses to take a longer term view. They should have a clear understanding of the challenges ahead, and bring unusual suspects together to secure outcomes consistent with Australian values. CPD delivers onboth counts."
                    Janet Holmes à Court AC
                    Australian businesswoman
                    24 August 2017
                    "CPD brings the highest quality intellectual rigour to its work drawing on the expertise of Fellows with experience in a range of sectors and applying that to issues of high importance and complexity, to Australia and the region."
                    Kirsty Allen
                    Program Manager: Sidney Myer Fund & The Myer Foundation
                    24 August 2017
                    "What the public needs is a sufficient fact base and organisations that argue persuasively on behalf of the many, not just a few. I commend CPD’s commitment to fairness, wellbeing and sustainability and its contribution to research in the public rather than sectional interest"
                    The Hon Fred Chaney AO
                    Former Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party of Australia


                    On a mission to save democracy | CPD Op-Ed

                    Last week, former prime minister John Howard played down the Liberal Party’s hammering in the Victorian election by describing the state as “the Massachusetts of Australia.” In the American parlance, Massachusetts is a deep Democrat blue ...

                    CPD climate work featured in 4Corners ‘Weather Alert’ report | Sam Hurley

                    ‘Weather Alert‘ showcased some of the highlights of CPD’s research and advocacy, and how this work is contributing to a major shift in corporate and regulatory leadership on climate change.

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